Marketing Manager

Durham, North Carolina, United States Full-time

Caktus grows sharp web apps for business and social good. We're passionate about solving complex challenges and using tech for the betterment of our clients and communities. Past and current clients include the Python Software Foundation, Mozilla, InDemand, Discovery, and UNICEF.

Caktus is looking for a motivated Marketing Manager to conduct messaging strategy, content writing, and other marketing efforts that align with the company’s brand. Caktus has made a name for itself as an expert Django web application design and development company that provides a work environment boasting some of the best and brightest in the industry. In this role, as Caktus’ sole dedicated marketing staff member, your mission will be to help Caktus expand its reach and build its reputation as a leading Django web development firm regionally, nationally, and internationally.

As Caktus’ Marketing Manager, your job will include the following:

Within 30 days, review and assess Caktus’ brand and current marketing efforts

  • Work collaboratively with the development team to get a feel for and learn about the Caktus web development process
  • Sit in on internal project meetings and client meetings at a variety of stages to better understand Caktus’ work
  • Become familiar with Caktus’ marketing plan and provide feedback on marketing goals
  • Become familiar with current marketing efforts, including updates to the Caktus website, Google AdWords campaigns, content strategy, PR efforts, and events and conferences participation
  • Gain an understanding of Caktus’ sales process and the variety of clients we enjoy working with
  • Become familiar with Caktus’ HubSpot implementation and monitor existing marketing dashboards

Within 60 days, take ownership of Caktus’ marketing efforts, including social media and ongoing updates to the Caktus website

  • Take ownership of Caktus’ marketing plan, and update and finalize marketing goals through 2018
  • Work closely with Caktus leadership to understand Caktus’ vision and the brand for the company and website
  • Take a lead role in Caktus’ content strategy, including organizing, writing, editing, and updating the copy for the Caktus website (including a blog) and other marketing materials such as newsletters and emails
  • Monitor social media for response-worthy content and take the lead on posting timely and relevant content to Caktus’ Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages
  • With help from the project manager, schedule for ongoing updates to the Caktus website 
  • Report on the effectiveness of marketing efforts to leadership bi-weekly and to the company monthly
  • Create and distribute any 2018 trade show marketing materials to attending team members, including talking points
  • Manage relationships with marketing-specific vendors, including a graphic designer

Within 6 months, effectively demonstrate Caktus’ unique value proposition to potential clients

  • Release regular updates to the Caktus website
  • Support sales in their efforts to nurture relationships with contacts made at trade shows
  • Have marketing plans in place for trade shows in 2019
  • Take ownership of the marketing budget 
  • Within 12 months, identify and pursue growth opportunities for the position and the company
  • Demonstrate growth in the quality and size of incoming sales opportunities
  • Test new, niche markets through landing pages through our marketing platform, HubSpot


  • 1+ years experience in a marketing management role
  • 1+ years of content creation experience for software/technical topics geared towards non-technical people
  • Great team and communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Superb writing and editing skills and strong writing samples
  • Good intuition for how content, design, functionality, navigation, and overall user experience (UX) must work together for effective media communications
  • The ability to communicate equally well with technical and non-technical people alike
  • Comfort with technology and ability to rapidly learn new tools (e.g., Google Apps, Dropbox, JIRA, and HubSpot)

Bonus Points for: 

  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Experience with SEO, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics
  • Understanding of the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Demonstrated experience with open source technologies

Caktus uses a standardized and equitable method to calculate salaries. Salaries are predetermined by a formula, which incorporates market rates, cost of living, candidate experience, and years with the company. They are standardized team-wide and are non-negotiable. For this position, we’re seeking a Level II or Level III candidate with a starting salary of $61,680 or $67,320, respectively.

Caktus Group is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We thrive on, encourage, and celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, body, genetic information, marital status, political belief or activity, or status as a veteran.

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